3 DIY Cake Plates

Western themed cake plate


Cake plate dreaming…Wouldn’t it be great if you had a magical cabinet? Each time you open the door, cake plates that perfectly coordinate with your party or event would be right inside? Love it. Well, we don’t have a magical cabinet for you, but we do have some DIY cake plate ideas that will make you feel as if you do. With a few supplies on hand, you can create DIY cake plates or a cupcake tower in minutes.


Birthday Cupcake Tower


This darling birthday party cupcake tower was created with cardboard cake circles with ribbon pinned to the edges, and clear vases. For the complete “how to” check out this cupcake tower tutorial. What we love about this one is that the clear vases can be filled with any type of candy, flowers, tissue, or other decorations in any colors. We used the whimsical, hand painted hats on the Birthday Wishes Dessert Skirtz cupcake wrappers collection as our color inspiration.


DIY Cupcake Tower


With just a mirror repurposed into an oversized platter, and a tiered plant stand topped with vases and dessert plates, we created this DIY cupcake tower with items from around the house. Add in some punches of color with fabric and cupcake wrappers. We chose Autumn Nights Dessert Skirtz cupcake wrappers, and accented with the color of the minute… warm plum. Notice what a difference these reversible cupcake wrappers make as compared to the cupcakes in their wrinkled panties!


DIY Christmas cupcake tower


This cupcake tower is super simple to create and inexpensive, too. We used a cylindrical vase, but a coffee can would work just as well. We covered it in scrapbooking paper that coordinated with our dessert table, and attached it with double sided tape. We simply set a large platter on top, upside down, because it has a lip. A cardboard cake circle trimmed in ribbon would be perfect as well. For more stability, or to make it more permanent, the platter can be glued to the can or vase.

Piece of cake!  Have you made DIY cake plates?  Share your ideas!

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