Black and White Events 2

Black and white events


Black and white is such a classic pair for events, and is just as amazing for a wedding as it is for a birthday party. You can add almost any color to the duo to change its mood. On its own, the black and white color combination for events is elegant, but striking. It’s classy, yet modern.


Black and white with hot pink cupcakes


Go for a touch of hot pink for a little girl’s birthday party. Adding a tuft of pink tulle that peeks out around the edge of the black and white cupcake wrapper makes this mini cupcake perfect for over-the-top girly events!


Black and white with kelly green party


Think kelly green with black and white for a modern and elegant wedding. Add some silver to black and white, and it’s a stunning combination for black tie events or an anniversary party. Use red and it becomes a stunning Valentine’s Day choice.


Valentine cupcakes with black and white wrappers


Whatever the occasion, we love the look of the Little Black Dress collection of Dessert Skirtz cupcake wrappers. Dessert Skirtz stand above all the other cupcake wrappers. Here’s why…

* Hand painted artwork adorns each lovely collection of cupcake wrappers.

* They come in collections of coordinated designs which takes the guesswork out of matching colors and patterns.

* Coated, durable paper keeps them looking lovely… even with an ultra-creamy butter cream perched on top of your cupcakes.

* Adjustable sizing means they’ll look great on your cupcakes. We all need to let out our belt a notch or two every now and then.

These gorgeous decorative wraps are a brilliant way to dress up events of all kinds. Use them for so much more than just the cupcake display. Gather creative party and event ideas here in the Dressing Room and call in the crowd.

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