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Fire truck party ideas for the party food, decorations, games, and all the details come together for you in this complete fire truck party plan.  Easily create an amazing fire truck party without the weeks of planning and searching for the perfect details.  We’ve collected the ideas, and give you free tools, printable party downloads, and links to items you need to pull off a fabulous (and fabulously easy!) fire truck party.

Fire Truck Party Ideas- The Invitations

fire truck party ideas- invitations





Invitations are so much fun to receive, and even more fun if they include something exciting or useful. We love these fun, water squirting fire extinguishers…and we love them even more with a party invitation attached.  How fantastic would it be to have a friend show up at the door with a fire extinguisher as an invitation… just for you!  We say that sounds pretty remarkable, if you’re three or four years old!  Exciting times!



Fire Truck Party Ideas- The Party Favors

Offering dress up items for the party guests as they arrive is a fun way to give the party favors a little extra mileage.  The party guests will have fun wearing fireman hats and badges at the party, then will be thrilled to take them home as a party favor.

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A candy buffet is always an eye catching part of the party décor, but do you really want enough candy for the next six years stashed in your pantry after the party?  Divvy up the candy as the party guests leave by giving each party guest a metal party favor tin to fill before they go home.  Use a fun ribbon to finish the party favors.  Be sure to stock up on extra tins for surprise sibling guests!

Hinged Tin Window Boxfire truck party ideas-red candy

















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