Fondue Bridal Shower with Flowers for Tiffany Dessert Skirtz

Bridal Shower Dessert Table with Tiffany Blue Cupcake Wrappers

Breezy Tiffany Blue paired with Meyer lemon yellows is the perfect combination of playfulness and grace on this dessert table set up fondue style. Dessert Skirtz cupcake wrappers make a fashionable display of the treats to be dipped. 

Bridal Shower Fondue Party with Tiffany Blue Dessert Skirtz cupcake wrappers

Almost symmetric dessert layout adds drama to the party table

To get this look, start with a white table cover. We used a quilt for an extra touch of texture. Three long white platters arranged as the sides of the square keep the look clean and the focus on the colors and food.

We used Dessert Skirtz cupcake wrappers from the Flowers For Tiffany collection by Confetti Couture to hold the goodies for dipping. Line your Dessert Skirtz with cupcake baking liners and fill them with your favorite dippable treats. We chose the treats carefully to keep with the color scheme.

Tiffany Blue cupcake wrappers work beautifully with cupcake liners to hold fondue dipping treats

Pound cake pieces, dried apricots and coconut macaroons made the A list for color… and yumminess.

When you are creating a square using the platters, place the platter that is furthest back on a riser or container of some sort to give it some height. The fondue fits beautifully in the center of the square of platters. Long stem roses bring a pop of yellow, as well as height and drama.

For a splash of color, we used a lovely aqua bowl, elevated and filled with meyer lemons. A fluffy white feather boa hides the can we used to elevate the bowl and adds another layer of texture.

Fondue dessert table with Dessert Skirtz cupcake wrappers for the dipping treats

This look is amazing for Mother’s Day celebrations, bridal showers, baby showers or an adult birthday. 

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