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Come on in.  Stay awhile.

We're just two moms that love to volunteer, entertain friends and family, oh, and... have a fantastically fun party supply business. We've each had to figure out and find ways to take control of our time for less stress and more of what matters most to us.  Those "matter most" things are different for each of us - and we've found some secrets to making the most of our time so we can do more of what we love!


We're so happy that you're here so we can share our secrets for being happy hostesses, moms, wives, and makers of unique party supplies. You can do it, too - you don't even have to be all that organized! Just a baby step here, a bundled set of tasks there, and before you know it you'll have a moment to breathe without wondering what (or who) you've forgotten.  We'll show you how to make your cake... and get to eat it too!


The two of us couldn't be more different from each other in some ways, and yet we're very similar in others - probably just like you and your friends! We love to laugh. Just a word will crack us up, start us on a roll, and get us giggling so hard we can barely squeak out the next word. Someone may have even spewed coffee all over the dashboard once.

About Us

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