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Dog Party!

You party animals, you.


Bring your neighbor doggies a bone and an invitation for a real dog party.  Celebrating with the pooches is so easy and so much fun!  A little bacon and a walk is all it takes to keep them entertained.  


We used the puppy paw print cupcake wrappers as inspiration and went with fire engine red, white, and black for our dog party colors. The pooches told us they loved the colors and the paw print party decor!

dog party table.jpg
Party Food

Easiest. Party. Ever.  Just fill your party table with some dog treats, bacon and popcorn. No homemade baked goodies or gourmet foods necessary.

In minutes, you'll have an adorable and hilariously fun party table to share with the neighborhood pack.

Party Favors

Glassine bags filled with a strip or two of bacon or bacon flavored treats is all it takes to send every single doggy guest over the moon!  It's a quick and easy way to thank your canine friends for taking time to stop by for some treats and play time.


Of course, you can go fancy with some pup-cakes from the the doggy boutique, or just place a cupcake liner or 9 ounce plastic cup in one of these precious cupcake wrappers and fill it with dog treats.

Party Games

Balls, toys, and of course a "hydrant hunt" kept our dog pack busy and happy.  We took them all for a walk in search of fire hydrants! What could be more exciting than that?

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