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Time Squirrel: noun \ˈtīm\ ˈskwər(-ə)l

A mom, or other motivated person that builds a stash, faithfully, to create a cushion of time and sanity to help her brave the stormy weather of life (Christmas, “birthday season”, busy months at the office, etc.) in order to create harmony, and stress relief, and treasured, quality time for herself and with her family.

Managing Your Life- Like a Squirrel 101

Warning: We're about to share with you how nuts we really are. BUT, becoming Time Squirrels has transformed our lives from a place of chaos and stress to something we can control, giving us more time for the things that matter most to us. It allows us to prioritize our lives and use time the way we want, versus allowing every task to become a pressing crisis.

It's unconventional.

It was a big change for us.

But it worked!

The gist? We've created a system for organizing our lives in a way that helps us skate {well, sorta} through the holidays, having fun with the family, not by ourselves in a closed room wrapping and tagging endless piles of gifts. Valentines for the class become a fun holiday project that keeps the kiddos busy on those last few days of winter break. Yep, you know, the day when nobody can tolerate even looking at another puzzle piece, you've ordered every electronic device to be confiscated, and even a cookie doesn't work as a bribe.

We've found ways to make work feel like play, and restructure our tasks to help us prepare, long in advance, of when we need something done. Truly, it's easier than it sounds, and we're going to share with you exactly what we do to make this work for us. We want to give you the tools we use to live this way, along with loads of freebies to make it fun, and cute, of course.

We hope this helps you find that place of peace in your life, too.

Disclaimer: We still have days when the coach adds a MANDATORY soccer practice, across town and at the same time as a MANDATORY science fair at the school, that overlaps by an hour with a MANDATORY performance rehearsal at the studio. Ugh. But... those are the days that we feel so blessed to have our stash! We'll show you how to build your own.

Crazy, maybe. But, we're all a little nuts. It all started with this super simple things to do list we made for ourselves. And yes, we've tried all the latest apps and still revert to this paper tool. It's yours, free for the taking! We'll show you how we use ours to streamline, prioritize, and help our overworked mom memories. This Task List is step one to becoming a happy Time Squirrel! Go grab it for your stash!

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