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We've used cute to do list sticky notes.

Snatched some of the nearest kiddo's lined paper and scribbled our daily tasks on that.

Graduated to a to do list spreadsheet.

Decided to go digital and used a task list app.

Went back to the paper spreadsheet.



In love.

This to do list template is our go-to tool for making the most of our time and letting our busy minds rest. Ahh. If you'd like to rest your busy brain right along with us, grab the free template and cutomize it to fit your life. It's free and it's printable. Of course, you could save this file to your smart phone, if you're techy like that, and update it digitally, too.


We like pens and paper. There's something soothing about writing our list, and it actually cements the list in our brains.

These Time Squirrels are going old school with this one.

Making the To Do List Template your own...

First customize the top of your spreadsheet pdf by opening the file and clicking on the top row of fields. Type in the main categories of your daily life. My top row says this...

Home/Family Business Booster Club/Dance Team Gala Fundraiser Errands

You make yours fit your own life, of course.

Get Started With Your New To-Do List

1. Type in the categories for each column. Then, under each heading, type in everything you have to do. Even clean the toilet, you ask? Yep. Leave the rest of the slots blank for writing in tasks that come up throughout the week.

2. Print your to do list with your big, long, hairy list of tasks in the slots. Might feel a little overwhelming at first, but that's where the magic begins.

3. Now, I fold my task list (printed side facing OUT) and stick it in the divider of a small binder that I carry, religiously, in my purse. My mini binder is divided into sections with dividers and my task list lives inside and a pen is slipped onto a ring in the binder.

There are just 2 rules at this point. {Squirrels don't really like rules, BTW. We kinda scamper to the beat of our own drums.}

1. Write down every task as soon as it comes up that can't be completed at that minute.

2. Carry this list and a pen with you absolutely everywhere.

If you use this list carefully, using a calendar to schedule tasks with deadlines, and rejuvenate your task list template weekly on your computer and reprinting a fresh sheet...


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