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We've found a simple solution to reduce stress and remember things in the midst of our crazy, busy lives! Things to do, things that were said in meetings, both planned and spontaneous, and ideas we think might be borderline genius while at the soccer game that we want to recall later.

We call our simple stress reducing tool the Time Squirrel Sanity Saver. It gets us through the week with minimal mishaps and embarrassing, fuzzy-brained mom moments. Friends and family have noticed our improved memory function... and many have asked if we'd share our secret. Being the friendly squirrels we are, we've passed these ideas along to several ... and we'll show you too (and throw some free printables in, as a bonus)!

The best part?

It costs under $10

It doesn't make noise during a meeting.

It still works, even if you drop it in the toilet. But, yuck. Try not to do that.

Make your own Time Squirrel Sanity Saver. Get these two things...

  • A small 7" x 9" binder {get a pretty one, if you can. It'll make you happy.) Oh, and make sure it's one with 3 rings and filler paper.

  • Pocket dividers with tabs to fit in your new, adorable notebook.

We tuck this mini binder, loaded with our to-do list and a pen, in our purses. Adds a little weight to the purse but takes SUCH a weight off the brain! It bails us out by giving us an organized way to scribble all our notes and information in one place and at our fingertips, everytime {and makes us look like we remember stuff, 'cause the info is always at our fingertips right next to our cute EOS}. Each tab in the notebook represents a column on our to-do list. This has made our life so much more manageable with such a simple change!

Couple the mini binder and to-do list with a Google account, and you'll rocking it with nearly zero effort. P.S.- We show you how to super-charge the way you use your Google account here. Don't have a Google account yet? Super easy. We've got your back Time Squirrel Trainee!

Forget less. Stress less. Power to the Squirrels!

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