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You're likely a Time Squirrel if...

10. You treat your stash as one of your children.

Stash: noun \ˈstash\

A store of prepared gifts, food, and information collected in an organized way. The purpose of the stash is to give relief to the Time Squirrel at a stressful or busy time of the year, and to generally keep her operating the household and her life well in advance of the regular requests, making room for {inconsiderate}, but unavoidable last minute requests on her time.

9. People likely think you're nuts, until Christmas rolls around and you're eating nuts baked into delicious chocolate chip cookies while they're still shopping for them.

8. You may have once said, "If they'd only be able to fit a Sharpie into a Swiss Army Knife".

7. Your family can make their lunches for the day in 15 seconds-flat.

6. Anyone touches THE binder, your tail gets in a tangle!

5. The day after any holiday has your tail twitching with anticipation for stocking the stash.

4. Your kids ask if they may prep the pie crust instead of asking for Playdoh.

3. Your family becomes concerned if Christmas cookies aren't ready in July.

2. You're often surprised right along with the person opening the gifts you give.

1. You have time for the things that matter most.

Not a Time Squirrel, yet? It's easy, and we can show you how with a few simple changes. Take the leap. Get our time managment strategies and freebies.

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