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Valentine's Day treats. Woe is me.

A fabulously decorated tray of homemade, heart-shaped Valentine cookies just won't do.

Bringing Valentine snacks for the classroom can be a challenge sometimes. Standard requirements for a classroom snack:





Tall order for moms across the land. So, while a cupcake here or there from your local bakery can go a long way, here's a spin on classroom treats that look fabulous, taste great, are healthy and still hugely popular with kids and adults of all ages.

The Big Reveal...

Valentine Party Treats

Easy Valentine treats...

Everyone loves popcorn! Just fill clear 9 ounce cups with popcorn, use a cupcake wrapper to dress it up for the party, and ta-dah! Awesome mom move #1.

Valentine Cupcake wrappers

Sweet Valentine Treats...

OK- maybe cupcakes aren't so healthy, but definitely fun. Make those ordinary bakery cupcakes fabulous with Valentine's Day cupcake wrappers. Pretty enough to be a sweet gift for the teachers!

Easy, Sweet, Fun, AND Healthy Valentine Treats...

Fill a clear 9 ounce cup with cherries, or other fresh fruit. Skirt the cup with those adorable Valentine cupcake wrappers, and serve. Sure to be the hit of the party!

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