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What’s the point of a celebration?

All right, sure, it’s to get your friends and family together and have some fun, enjoy eating and drinking together, and get in some good socializing.

But a party can so much more than that, really. It’s an opportunity to build memories with the people closest to you. Whether you’re talking about a kid’s birthday party, a bridal shower, or just a fun gathering to get your friends out of the house, the goal should always be to make the day a memorable one.

If you want to avoid putting on just another “bog standard” soirée, we’ve gathered a bunch of useful tips for you, each one specifically designed to make your party as memorable as possible. Because wouldn’t it be nice if people still recalled that special day years down the line?

Let’s dig in with an easy one:

Digital is Great, But Send Out Real Invitations Too

In this day and age, there’s no compelling reason not to send out invitations over Facebook and other social media platforms. Heck, we’d love it if you came over to the Confetti Couture Facebook page and said hello!

Having said that, there’s a lot of room for real, physical invitations these days. Think about it like this: your invitation is an advertisement. You still get “junk mail” right? Statistically speaking, marketer professionals have proven that yes—even in today’s day and age—paper mail advertisements can be more effective than an online advertisement (sometimes by a fairly large margin). Sounds crazy given how much of our lives are spent online, but it’s true.

So! Let’s translate that to your party invitations: sending out paper invitations gives you a dual benefit:

1.) Your recipients are far less likely to ignore them, miss them, or forget about them, and

2.) A physical invitation acts as a memory “anchor” for people before and even after the party (and makes a nice addition to a scrapbook of any kind).

Next up, let’s talk about the merits of meeting new people… because a party is all about socializing, right?

Why You Should Allow +1’s at Your Next Party

Have you ever heard the old saying “variety is the spice of life”?

There’s a great reason to allow your guests to bring +1’s to your next party, preferably even people you haven’t met before (as long as they’re friend-approved). The benefit to this is of course that you get to meet new people and mingle, rather than simply seeing people you might have known for years, but there’s actually even more to it than that. Let me explain.

You probably didn’t think that we were going to delve into the inner workings of the human brain in this post, but here we go anyway. Have you ever driven to work… and then sort of just “found yourself” at work, completely having forgotten the drive over?

This phenomena of short-term memory lapse is actually quite common. Experts think that it happens because the brain is so used to the drive to work—or whatever other commonplace, everyday activity you happen to do and immediately forget—that it doesn’t bother to “record” the experience.

However, when you have a new experience, something exciting and fresh, you’re far more likely to commit that to your memory. That’s why allowing your guests to bring +1’s to your party will help make it a more memorable experience, since they’re sure to liven things up a bit. Plus, it’s a great way to make new friends!

If you’re worried about people who don’t know anyone feeling out of place or awkward, we have the perfect solution for that...

Party Games to Help Get People Out of Their Shell

You know why party games are so popular?

Because they work.

Party games aren’t necessarily there because of the games specifically—although the games are fun—they’re really a social tool that can help people feel more at ease and comfortable with their surroundings.

Party games can give your invitees a common goal to work on, inspire a little healthy and good-spirited competition, and motivate people to chat instead of staring into their drinks.

If you want to get your hands on some (very) affordable party game sheets, we carry two different varieties in the Confetti Couture Amazon store.

Both sheets are made with durable material and allow you and your guests to enjoy up to 10 different games all from the same sheet. Up to 24 players can enjoy classic party games like charades and scavenger hunts, and even more modern spins on party games like emoji clues. You’ll love them!

How to Make Your Party Enjoyable For Both Kids AND Adults

Many adults groan at the idea of going to a party for kids. Because let’s face it, a kid’s birthday party—when it’s not your kid—isn’t always the most fun-sounding idea. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

The most important thing to do is to remember to set aside a “grown ups only” space somewhere in the house or outside. Ideally, this area will be within sight of the kids but removed enough so that little Jimmy isn’t within shin-kicking range.

Next, have a separate menu available with “adult food.” Something that includes bruschetta or antipasto—you know, the delicious stuff kids can’t even pronounce yet. Alternatively, serve universally liked treats like cupcakes (ideally placed within our cute cupcake wrappers!).

Last but not least, make sure to set a time limit on the party, and make sure to start ushering folks out when the time comes. Otherwise you’ll see it slowly spiral into a lot of cranky, tuckered out kids and potentially stressed out parents. Leave them on a high note instead!

How to Get the Best Celebration Supplies Quickly, Easily, and Affordably

If you enjoyed this post and would like more ideas from us at Confetti Couture, make sure you share your email address with us so that we can send you tons of free info and tools (including printables) about how to put on the best events you can with industry-leading party supplies made by us!

Speaking of which, if you’d like to take a look at our entire catalog of cute, whimsical, and flat out fun party accessories like premium cupcake wrappers and more, swing on by the Confetti Couture store on Amazon.

Have a wonderful celebration and thanks for visiting!

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